Pre-Surgery To-Do List



        I’m sure everyone that has chronic medical problems that continuously land them in the hospital or in surgeries has their own routines for what they do in the days prior to scheduled visits/surgeries.  So I thought I’d share my routine with ya’ll since I am t-minus 40 hours to surgery as I write this.

  1. Clean the house thoroughly. Leaving a boy and three dogs unaccompanied in a home for a few days without prior cleaning is gutsy at best.  Prior knowledge that I will return to the leaning tower of pizza boxes, dirty dishes and laundry has trained me to clean and organize everything as best that I can to offset this masculine tragedy.
  2. Sleep a lot…even though I will be getting a lot of medically induced sleep in the immediate days prior to surgery, I tend to get stressed the few days before (totally normal I’d like to think) so getting restful sleep and relaxing has become important to me and my body tends to thank me on the flip side.
  3. Build a recovery couch-fort for propped up sleeping so my incisions don’t try to kill me every time I move and get up. My current fort this time included actually rearranging the entire living room, purchasing a super dope 70’s recliner fluffy herman miller eames chair and ottoman, and making sure my recovery couch-fort has ample spots for my dogs to snuggle up in.
  4. Packing my bag. This requires much care and slight deviation from my rules while in the hospital.  As someone who is ALWAYS put on NPO and prone to (as I have previously confessed) to sneaking off to the vending machine or ordering ghost-guest trays to munch on, this time I am packing my own snacks.  This includes sugar free life savers, sugar free gummy bears and a reduced fat pringles can.  Hopefully this will satisfy rogue cravings incase the NPO monster visits me post-surgery in a more healthy manner.  Also in my bag is my bathrobe that serves double purpose of a blanket since hospital blankets suck and its always ice bath cold in my rooms.  Fresh and fun socks, my plush liver shaped pillow, ear buds, phone charger, phone, pen and notepad.  In case you’re wondering why not an ipad – shockingly enough I personally don’t own one and I’m totally ok with that. 
  5. Exchange cars with my dad so he can thoughtfully take mine in to get serviced and an oil change while I’m in hospital -jail
  6. Make sure all comfy clothing I might want to wear when I get back from the hospital is clean since I’ll be bed/couch ridden about a week after I get back.
  7. Double check all tv shows I’ll miss are DVRed for the week.
  8. Make sure my kindle is updated with any/all books I may want to read while I am there.
  9. Update my “Dilaudid Play List” on my phone music wise – yes, I really have a play list titled “Dilaudid” to listen to while I am medicated to help with the calming/enduring pain process.
  10. And FINALLY make a list of all medications I am low on to take with me so the hospital pharmacy can go ahead and refill them during my stay and deliver them to my room the day I am discharged to save time.

And that’s all I can think of for my pre-surgery routine lol….should be an easy procedure by itself.  The only issues that my team is concerned about is site infection and/or catching something while at the hospital itself since it’s cold/flu/pneumonia season.  I’m sure I’ll be just fine though 🙂



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