My silly and wonderful Mom


Mom has been gone two long years now.  Maybe the longest two years of my life.  Rather than post something sad or tearful today (even though privately I may feel that way today) I decided to make a list of random and amazing facts about my mom that ya’ll most likely did not know about her.

Random Mom/Mary Anne Facts:

  1. Wanted to be a forensic handwriting expert when she was younger at one point
  2. Was a history buff and wished she had a degree in it
  3. Did not like studying
  4. Took ballet when she was little
  5. Spent a summer at the University of Hawaii with a friend taking 2 easy courses in the morning and spent the afternoons at the beach
  6. Spent a summer in Europe with a friend traveling in the 60’s
  7. Ate peanut butter out of the jar constantly
  8. Favorite music was Christmas music and Patriotic music
  9. Loved watching sports, especially baseball
  10. Went to the first World Series game ever played in Texas
  11. Had a college degree in Special Education
  12. Her favorite sweet was fudge, especially peanut butter fudge
  13. Hung every ornament ever given to her by a student in the 20+ years she taught on her Christmas tree every year
  14. Collected Hummels
  15. Had the same 4 best friends since childhood
  16. Had 2 half-brothers and 1 half-sister
  17. Her favorite book series was the Elsie Dinsmore series which was written from 1867-1905
  18. Her favorite colors (especially to wear) were brown and green
  19. Her favorite song as a child was Little Bunny Foo Foo
  20. Never pierced her ears even though her grandmother had pierced ears
  21. Was left-handed
  22. Kept and had every wiener dog gift from student’s over the years displayed around the house…ALL OF THEM

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