I can math…

turtle rocket

         Have you ever broken down events by time before?  Example, this week my friend Wayne and I realized this month we’ve known each other 30 years.  That’s alot of years.  So I started thinking about what I said yesterday about listening to my body and being stubborn.  I’ve been stubborn lately in that I thought I would be more “recovered” or “back to normal” working speed wise…body appearance wise.  I thought I would be completely caught up work wise and be a size 2 by now.  But I’m not.  So I broke down how long I’ve been home.

  • I was discharged from my transplant on Dec 31st so I’m on month 8 from that major discharge.

  • However, I’ve spent a total of 5 weeks during those 7 ish months (Since it’s only August 8th) back in and out of the hospital.

  • So I’ve been “unhospitalized” a total of 6 months

    • Of those 6 months 3 of them I’ve been back to work

So I need to probably lay off myself on my regarding not catching up to everyone else in my PhD cohort faster…or body shaming myself for feeling fat.

       I have a feeling this stubbornness lesson is doomed to always be a re-occurring struggle in my life


And sidenote:

      So I’m watching an HBO documentary while working called “Tales from the Organ Trade”.  It’s really scary and makes me feel so very blessed and baffled that I got an organ as fast as I did.  The faults in organ allocation are a real issue and needs to be reevaluated in our country.  I highly recommend watching it if you have access to it.


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