Who am I?

To begin this story correctly, we have to start a year before I got really, really sick...


I was a girl who until October 30, 2014 had a mommy.  On that day my mommy decided she missed her mommy and went to heaven to be with her …


11 Months later I started getting sick.  I was sleepy a lot, I swelled up, and turned bright yellow.  I got put in the hospital for a few weeks, then on the one-year anniversary of my mom going to heaven I was transferred to a more specialized hospital and put in ICU because my body wanted to go to heaven too.


My kidney’s failed, my liver failed, my lungs collapsed.  I underwent a liver transplant but still remained so sick I was put on life support.  Eventually my kidney’s recovered, my new liver decided it liked it’s new home


However, I still had a long road ahead – I had to learn how to walk again from being in a hospital bed for so long and I had to get strong enough to breath on my own.


On New Year’s Eve I was finally discharged after spending 4 holidays in the hospital and underwent a total of 7 surgeries.  My dogs were super happy to see me! 🙂dog

And so here I am today, as I am writing this I am 9 months out from my transplant and decided to start a blog to write about my experiences throughout my new life – the funny, sad, ridiculous, sometimes pissed off, and sometimes furiously happy, even though I may not look like i’m that happy most of the time.


Most of the time I’m just trying to make sense of what my life is supposed to be like, and handling the few moments where I forget what happened to me and what I am like now, then the little mouse in my pocket has to remind me that I can’t do “that” anymore…so if you see me around and i have a blank, slightly angry look on my face, I promise I’m happy, my mind is just elsewhere….it’s ok to say hi 🙂 I won’t bite…I think…