A homeless man brings me a santa claus in ICU

        I love decorating for Christmas.  I love the lights, all the fun tinsel and toys around the house and how somehow everything smells like cinnamon.  When we moved to our new house in Houston from Galveston even though it was January, all I could talk about was where the Christmas decorations were going to go, the tree, the stockings etc that next year. 


However, come Fall I was already in the hospital and knew I was not going to be out before Christmas.  It made me sad that I would not even get to see one house lit up with lights, or one tree…just the stale small ICU room I called home with a million wires and tubes running in and out of me.


So one morning, I had been woken up already for morning medications and I look out the window in my room into the hallway and I see a man with shoulder length curly red hair, a full red beard, wearing a woman’s black terry cloth bathrobe and carrying a 3 foot tall plug in light up Santa Clause…this of course was Sean, my best friend and partner in life (more on his awesomeness and strength through this ordeal in later posts 🙂 )


         He had taken my robe home to wash it and thought it would cheer me up to have my great grandmothers light up Santa Claus plugged in in my room.  Granted my room in ICU was tiny so this Santa got the honor of sitting up on the counter by the sink for everyone to see as they passed my room and stayed plugged in and lit up until the day I was discharged.  To explain his appearance – He and our friend KS had bought me a fluffy bathrobe to help me feel more comfortable, but it needed to be washed so he had taken it home to wash it.  Around 5am he decided the best way to get up to the hospital with the now clean robe and the surprise Santa Claus was to ride the Metro wearing said robe and carrying Santa like he was a person.  He got many stares on the bus, especially from one child that was on his way to school that kept staring at him and Santa giggling…apparently the child’s father did not see the humor of the situation…weirdo  


Anyways, so the Santa sat plugged in on my counter for the rest of my stay in the hospital like a giant comforting nightlight.  I had people coming in taking pictures of it and would always laugh and smile at it when they passed.  It was one of the most meaningful things he could have done for me during the entire ordeal of being sick and in ICU.  

santa picture

Also here is a real picture of said Santa Claus and the happiness it brought me in my depressingly stale room I was confined too…told ya’ll i was puffy 🙂 this was taken between surgeries 4 and 5 I believe…but I was already on the ventilator to breath for me (pesky blue tubes connected to the hole in my neck)

santa real


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